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Eco Living: Simple Eco Tips
Li Wong's Eco Living Articles
Written by Li Wong of Earth Alkemie   

Happy Earth Month!  During the month of April, many people celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.  I personally believe that every day is Earth Day, so I hope that everyone will take the time this month to learn more about our beautiful blue Planet! 

One thing that I often come across is that people care about the environment, but they may not know how to live a green lifestyle.  They may think it is too expensive or difficult to do.  However, I have found that most eco-friendly practices end up being way less expensive in the long run, and much friendlier for your wallet.  In addition green activities and crunchy products are much better for you and your family’s health.  Many environmental practices and activities are so simple and take very little time to do! 

You don’t need to start with something complicated.  Start out with something small and work your way up to the more complex things.  Also don’t be afraid to change and try something new!  

I have shared many eco living tips and recipes over the years, but here are some of my favorite easy green tips!

Consume Less:

One of the most pressing ecological issues is overconsumption.  Overconsumption causes a wide range of environmental problems, including energy wastage, food and resource depletion, habitat destruction, environmental degradation, climate change, and more.  If people could choose only one eco-friendly thing to do, consuming less would be a great choice, because this simple act has the greatest impact. 

Many people often buy items that they don’t need; I think we are all guilty of buying items that end up sitting around our homes for months to years!  These unused items cause clutter, and a lot of it ends up in landfills later on.  In the future, try to buy less, and buy only what you need or will use.  This will not only save you money, but it is better for the environment, and it will prevent future clutter.  For old items, give them to friends and family, donate them, or sell them to someone who will use them!


Reuse Glass Containers:

Most of the foods I eat are fresh and made from scratch, but I still eat some foods packaged in glass jars.  I save all my jars from my tomato sauce, olives, artichokes, sunflower seed butter, and other foods.  After I clean the jars out, I use them to package my herbs and spices, and the aromatherapy and herbal products that I make for myself.  Reusing and giving a new life to items is one of the simplest and most eco-friendly things you can do!  And if you can’t reuse a jar, then recycle it!

(Note: reusing jars is a great idea for at home, personal use.  But when making products for a business, new jars are a must for good manufacturing practices). 


Reuse Old Toothbrushes:

Most people use and replace their toothbrushes a few times a year.  Instead of throwing away your old ones: reuse them for other tasks!  I often save my old toothbrushes and use them for cleaning; they are great for cleaning in between the tiles of bathtubs.  They can be used in many other cleaning tasks too: use old toothbrushes to clean the dirt from your fingernails, jewelry, appliances, or the bottoms of your shoes when they become muddy!  I remember when I was young, we used toothbrushes in art class.  They made interesting paintbrushes for abstract art! 

Some companies make eco-friendlier toothbrushes too.  They may make toothbrushes from recycled plastic, and for some companies you can mail your old toothbrushes back to them (they will recycle them for you.  You usually can’t recycle toothbrushes in your regular recycling program since toothbrushes are made with multiple materials).  Other companies make toothbrushes that have removable heads, so you’ll only need to change the toothbrush head when it’s time for a new toothbrush (which creates less waste). 

I hope that this month you’ll join me in learning more about the environment, and that you’ll implement a few small or big green changes in your life!



Here is World Wildlife Fund’s 2012 Living Planet Report.  This is a science based report on the health of the Earth and human impact on the environment. http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/all_publications/living_planet_report/


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About The Author:

Li Wong is the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural, vegetarian skin care and perfume company.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Biology) and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy.  Li has been crafting natural cosmetics and studying aromatherapy and herbalism since 2001.  Environmental interests include conservation, botany, ethnobotany (uses of plants by indigenous peoples), mammals, organic standards in cosmetics, urban wildlife issues, environmental education and awareness, and public perception.   She is the all natural beauty website’s Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert, and the anb’s mall Eco Living writer. http://www.anbportal.com/meet_the_all_natural_beauty_experts.htm  

For more information on environmental issues, Eco Living, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, and herbalism check out: Solarkat’s Eco Blog:  http://solarkateco.blogspot.com/

For information on Earth Alkemie's products (skin care, hair care, perfumes, DIY raw ingredients, and containers), properties of natural ingredients, the benefits of natural cosmetics, and green business practices, please visit Earth Alkemie’s blog: http://www.earthalkemie.com/blog  

For Earth Alkemie's news and products, environmental issues, eco living, herbalism, aromatherapy, and crafting tips, visit Earth Alkemie's face book fan page: https://www.facebook.com/EarthAlkemie 

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