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Eco Living: Vegan Coconut Scrub
Li Wong's Eco Living Articles
Written by Li Wong of Earth Alkemie   

Happy Mother’s Day!  Whenever I think of Mother’s Day, I think of my mom and also Mother Earth!   

I was recently asked about coconut cream and coconut water in cosmetics, so I decided to share my recipe for an easy, eco-friendly, vegan coconut scrub!  Make this scrub for your mom, and let her pamper herself on Mother's Day, and any day!


3 oz Sugar

1 oz Coconut cream

About 1/2 oz Coconut water

1-2 drops of essential oils or absolutes


Add the sugar and coconut cream to a clean bowl or jar.  Then slowly add the coconut water, a little bit at a time.

Mix well between each addition of coconut water.  Add the essential oils or absolutes.  Mix well.


You can use any type of sugar you like.  I used organic sugar (evaporated cane juice) for my scrub, but white, brown, or other sugars are fine too.

Coconut cream is a product similar to coconut milk, but much thicker.  The thickness of coconut cream can vary by brand.  So depending on the thickness of the coconut cream, and how thick or thin you like scrubs, you may use less or more coconut water than I did.  So add the coconut water slowly, and mix well, until you get a texture you like.  Try to use organic coconut cream and coconut water.  Note: don’t confuse coconut cream with coconut butter (sometimes called creamed coconut) or cold pressed, virgin unrefined coconut oil (which some vendors call coconut cream or coconut cream oil).   

If you don’t have coconut cream, you can substitute organic coconut milk.  However, if you use coconut milk, use less coconut water.  If your coconut milk is very thin, you may not even need to use coconut water. 

Coconut water is also called coconut juice.  Choose a brand without any additives.  

There are many different essential oils and absolutes you can use.  If you want something refreshing try using peppermint or grapefruit essential oils.  If you prefer something fresh and sunny, use a citrus essential oil like lime or sweet orange.  Lavender is always a favorite.  Or try something a little more exotic like cocoa absolute (which is a bit expensive but smells absolutely delicious with coconut!).

This recipe makes enough for 1-2 uses for the body skin, and lots of uses for the facial skin.  I recommend exfoliating your facial skin 1-3 times a week, and your body 1-2 times a week.  You can use it on your body and face (most people can use sugar scrubs on their face.  But if you have super sensitive skin or thread veins, just use it on your body, or do a patch test on your jaw line). 

Since this recipe uses fresh ingredients, store any excess in the fridge, and use within a couple days.  If you would like a longer lasting scrub, add a preservative (there are many more natural and eco cert preservatives available now), store it in the fridge, and use within a couple weeks.   Don’t forget to label it well!  If you store it in the fridge the texture may change a bit, just let it come to room temperature and stir it well before use. 

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About The Author:

Li Wong is the owner of Earth Alkemie, an all natural, vegetarian skin care and perfume company.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Biology) and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy.  Li has been crafting natural cosmetics and studying aromatherapy and herbalism since 2001.  Environmental interests include conservation, botany, ethnobotany (uses of plants by indigenous peoples), mammals, organic standards in cosmetics, urban wildlife issues, environmental education and awareness, and public perception.   She is the all natural beauty website’s Eco Living and DIY Natural Beauty Formulating Expert, and the anb’s mall Eco Living writer.  http://www.anbportal.com/meet_the_all_natural_beauty_experts.htm 

For more information on environmental issues, Eco Living, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, and herbalism check out: Solarkat’s Eco Blog:  http://solarkateco.blogspot.com/

For information on Earth Alkemie's products (skin care, hair care, perfumes, DIY raw ingredients, and containers), properties of natural ingredients, the benefits of natural cosmetics, and green business practices, please visit Earth Alkemie’s bloghttp://www.earthalkemie.com/blog 

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