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     The art of bathing is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk to keep her skin soft and supple, and she also used honey in skin care.  Here is my recipe for a skin softening, soothing, and relaxing milk bath.

Easy milk bath

2 cups of organic milk
4 tablespoons of organic honey or agave
4 to 5 drops of organic essential oils

Lightly whisk the honey or agave in the milk (it may not fully incorporate or sink to the bottom of the container).  Right before you get into the bath, whisk in the essential oils. Add the mix to the bath and gently agitate the water before getting into the tub.  Soak for at least 15 minutes.

This recipe is for a single treatment; make fresh each time before use.

Types of organic milk to use:

whole milk (cow), goat’s milk, or coconut milk.  The natural lactic acid in cow and goat’s milk will help cleanse and soften the skin.  Coconut milk also softens, and is a great choice for vegans.

Honey and agave also help soften the skin, and are rich in nutrients and trace minerals.  Agave is a vegan ingredient.  They are not sticky used in the bath.

Good essential oils to use:

Lavender or Chamomile (relaxing, calming, soothing), Cardamom (sensual), Sweet Wrange (anxiety), Rose Geranium (balancing, stress), or Clary Sage (euphoric, stress).  

Another nice ingredient to use is Vanilla oleoresin or a little Vanilla extract (sensual, calming).

If you have health issues, are pregnant, or wish to use this bath on children, please research essential oils thoroughly before use and consult a medical doctor or nurse who is familiar with the effects of essential oils, as many are not suitable for certain conditions.

About The Author

Li Wong has a B.A. in Environmental Studies (Biology) and has nearly completed her M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy.  She has been crafting natural cosmetics and studying aromatherapy and herbalism since 2001, and is currently a student of Jeanne Rose’s Aromatherapy Studies Course.  Environmental interests include conservation, botany, ethnobotany (uses of plants by indigenous peoples), mammals, organic standards in cosmetics, urban wildlife issues, environmental education and awareness, and public perception.  Her all natural, eco-friendly, vegan cosmetic company will open very soon.

For more information on environmental issues, Eco Living, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, and herbalism check out:
Solarkat’s Eco Blog.  http://solarkateco.blogspot.com/

If you have any questions on Eco Living please feel free to contact Li at:
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