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Beautiful Living: The Beauty of the Clothesline
Written by Pennie Mills of Vegan Aesthetics   

      It's been a really hot summer!  In order to keep any extra, unwanted heat out of the house I try to use the clothesline more and the clothes dryer less.  Dryers produce a lot of extra heat that I can definitely do without, especially during the summer months.  String some clothesline and use the heat that is already outside.  It’s free, it’s energy efficient and helps to keep your electric bill a little lower!  Why not use it?

     If you don’t have a clothesline, all you really need is two poles or two trees to run the lines or you can purchase a portable one that collapses and store it inside during the winter months.  That style would be good for balconies and courtyards for those that live in apartments or condos.
     One thing I put on the clothesline, even when it gets cold here are sheets and pillow cases, there is nothing better than a first night’s sleep on clean bed sheets, fresh off the clothesline!



This will be my last article for the anb mall.  It has been a pleasure being a part of this community and I look forward to keeping up with all the great products and articles via the anb newsletter.  Best wishes to all!




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