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Who we are...

     The anb Mall is run by SharAmbrosia. Our slogan is 'Relax - Heal - Beautify'. Our goal with this site is in keeping with what we are all about, offering organic and natural products that will relax, heal, and beautify you. We want to offer you a better way... an all-natural lifestyle. 
     Our company was created by Sharon Houghton, an esthetician that is continuing to make a difference. As an esthetician, she has great insight into what consumers are interested in, as well as what people need for their beauty and healthcare. With a love of all things natural, and a desire to be of service to others, SharAmbrosia has expanded to become a multi-functional company, helping thousands of consumers and companies daily through our many endeavors.
     The following places on the internet are SharAmbrosia sites. Whether you work in a spa, or create your own spa in your bathroom every Saturday night, do we have a site for you!
For the Consumer:
     The All Natural Beauty Website - Filled with great articles, homemade beauty recipes, glossaries, helpful links, and spectacular businesses that follow our strict criteria for Partnership, this site is a must visit. The original site is the US version of the site and can be found at http://allnaturalbeauty.us/. The international version can be found at http://www.anbportal.com/. Both sites have become tremendously popular and sit at the very top of the search engines because of their popularity and unique content. 
  • The All Natural Beauty Forum - Would you like to see what our visitors are thinking and talking about? This is the place to experience a more personal and connected way of learning and sharing about all-natural beauty care. It's a friendly place filled with knowledgable and wonderful people that have the same interest, all-natural beauty care. Visit today at http://allnaturalbeautyforum.com/.

Organic Web Care - Everyone is getting online today, and that means that everyone needs web services such as e-mail, web hosting, and domain registration. Just think of anything that you would need, and that's what we offer. We encourage you to visit and compare prices. Chances are that we will offer a lower price for most services. But even more so, we offer wonderful customer service and premium online services. Our goal is to create a stress-free internet life, one that serves you well, and makes your internet life a good one. Visit us at http://organicwebcare.com/

For the Beauty Professional:

    The All Natural Wholesale Program- This site is for those that retail products and/or use them in their holistic practice. It was formed to help companies to find great all-natural beauty products. Many of our anb Partners are members, and offer their products at wholesale pricing, along with other opportunities such as Private Labeling, Drop Ship, Bulk, Affiliate, etc... There are also other manufacturers that we've approved to be a part of this site because of their wonderful all-natural products. Each Wholesaler as well as each Member is verified before admission into our program, for the protection of both sides. This site is a one-stop shopping experience for those looking for products. You can even send a request for more information directly through the site when viewing a manufacturer's profile. Learn more about this unique program at http://allnaturalwholesale.com/

     Beauty Biz Domains - Our original website was formed with the goal of helping beauty professionals succeed. We saw early on how important getting a web presence online was. That commitment is just as important today as it ever was. Fortunately we got in early when there were more great domains available. So we are able to offer some of the best Premium domain names around. Whether it's a great .com, or a great .biz, we have plenty to choose from... at incredible prices. You'll also find many tips and helpful links on this site which will help beauty professionals in their business lives. Let us help you with your web presence, it's an important feature of anyone's business. Visit today at http://beautybizdomains.com/

     Organic Web Care - As our description above says, we offer great web services, as well as customer service. But even more so, we offer all of the business services that you need to have a successful web presence. For your online store, we offer shopping cart software that is fully functional, merchant accounts, web hosting, statistic software, email marketing plans and much more. Plus, you won't believe all of the free perks that come with each and every domain name that you register or transfer. Please visit us to learn more at http://organicwebcare.com/

     Logo Creation Services - Let our design expert create a beautiful logo for your company that will make you stand apart from the crowd and tell your customer at a glance who you are, and how professional you are. Every company needs to consider creating their own brand identity. A logo is one of the most important things that a company owns. Use it on your website, your stationary, and everything that your customer, and your future customers see. Learn much more and see samples by going to http://beautybizdomains.allnaturalbeauty.us/logo_info.htm


     We are honored to bring the anb Mall to you, and hope that it serves you well. If we can ever help you with any of the services listed above, or if you have any questions or comments for us, please contact us

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